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VEHICO CODrive Icon 70pxThe automatic driving, sometimes also known as path following, enables the vehicle to exaclty follow xy-coordinates on the road with precise velocity, even for high dynamic driving maneuvers. Required steering wheel angle und pedal operations are calculated in real time. Besides easy track and velocity profile definition a recording of manual driving and high-precision replay is provided.
Reproducible unmanned driving with easy handling and intuitive operation are the essential features. CO.DRIVE is available as software option for all of our steering robots.

CO.DRIVE – Key Features

  • highly dynamic driving maneuvers with lateral acceleration up to 1g
  • smooth, yet very quick steering response
  • track based velocity and deceleration control
  • high reproducibility and accuracy in lateral and longitudinal direction
  • compatible with all standard GPS sensor systems like Oxford, Racelogic, Genesys or iMar
  • simple definition of the desired track by recording manual driving or with the intuitiv VEHICO scripting language
  • regardless of engine concept (diesel/petrol) and transmission (manual/automatic)
  • any combination of open-loop and closed-loop maneuvers possible
  • quick and easy adaptation to different vehicles

CO.DRIVE – Required Components

For the driving robot CO.DRIVE you need following components:
  • VEHICO Steering Robot
  • Software option CO.DRIVE
  • Accelerator Robot with velocity control option
  • Brake Robot with deceleration control option
  • GPS sensor system with IMU integration

Reproducibility and accuracy

CO.DRIVE is able to accelerate and decelerate the vehicle according to the previously defined velocity profiles. Highest track accuracies in lateral and longitudinal direction are achieved for the entire speed range.

The sample application target point braking illustrates the potential of CO.DRIVE. Given a desired standstill point on the track the required deceleration is calculated in realtime during the breaking. Accurate stopping at a given target point is achieved.

It does not matter whether it is a vehicle with a diesel or gasoline engine, or whether the vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission.

Range of Applications

CO.DRIVE combines maximum accuracy, extreme reliability and robustness for use in the daily test environment. It opens up a broad range of applications:

  • ADAS development and testing like ESC, ACC, Blind Spot Assistant, Collision Warning Systems etc
  • fully automated ISO 3888 double lane change
  • automated driving of a handling course
  • misuse tesing
  • brake tests with maximum track accuracy
  • endurance testing, rough road testing
  • accident reconstruction
  • stunt scenes with moving cars
  • and much more
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