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The RACELOGIC DGNSS Base Station is designed to improve positional accuracy of VBOX units and other compatible GPS/ GLONASS systems by calculating and transmitting differential correction data.

By programming the Base Station with a known position, it is able to accurately monitor the difference between its programmed position and the position that it is receiving via GPS/GLONASS.

The difference is then transmitted via radio to allow a remote GPS system to correct its position.

The differential correction message can be broadcasted in RTCM, CMR or proprietary RTK formats using an internal or mast mounted radio modem transmitter.

Depending on the type of Base Station and roving unit used, position accuracies of up to 2cm 95% CEP are available.

  • Survey grade GPS or GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Integral 9Ah battery supply with fast charger
  • LCD readout for status and configuration
  • Optional integral or mast mount radio transmitters with range of up to 10km (approx 6.2miles line of sight) and 2km in a built up area
  • Compatible with wide range of radios to suit location and range requirements
  • Up to 2cm accuracy (option 2)
  • RTCM, CMR, RTCMV3 or proprietary outputs
  • 25-position memory to store and recall different reference locations
  • Self survey mode
  • Up to 18hr battery life (depending on radios in use) or external power
  • Rugged IP64 (splash proof) enclosure

There are two Base Station options available.

Option 1 – DGNSS DGPS Base Station (RLVBBS4)

  • GPS only
  • Correction message in RTCM type 1 & 3, and Racelogic proprietary (20cm)


Option 2 – DGNSS RTK Base Station (RLVBBS4RG)

  • Correction message in RTCM type 1 & 3, CMR, RTCMV3 and Racelogic proprietary (2cm)

The table below lists the VBOX and Base Station combinations which are required for specific accuracies.


 Base Station
 ‘20cm’ DGPS
Base Station
 Base Station

 VBOX Data Loggers

 VBOX Mini  no  no  no  no
 VBOX Lite | VBOX II DCF  yes  yes  no  no
 VBOX IIS | VBOX IISX  yes  yes  yes with  no
 VBOX IISX Dual Antenna  yes  yes  no  no
 VBOX IISX Triple Antenna  yes  yes  no  no
 VBOX III | VBOX 3i  yes  yes  no  no
 VBOX 3i Dual Antenna  yes  yes  no  no
 VBOX 3i units with RTK  yes  yes  no  yes

 VBOX Speed Sensors

 5Hz Speed Sensors  yes  no  no  no
 10Hz | 20Hz Speed Sensors  yes  yes  yes with  no
 100Hz Speed Sensors  yes  yes  no  no
 100Hz Speed Sensor RTK  yes  yes  no  yes


yes= Compatible
yes with= Compatible with upgrade
no = Not compatible

Rugged Splash Proof Case


  • GPS Antenna
    Connects to the Base Station via screw-on TNC connectors and must be placed in a position away from any other obstacles that could cause satellite signals to be blocked or reflected. Wherever possible, place the GPS antenna and tripod (needs to be ordered separately) at the highest available spot to ensure the best un-affected satellite reception.
  • Power
    Power can be obtained either from the internal battery supply or from an external source via a front panel (using the supplied mains power supply, or via an external waterproofed connector from a suitable 8-30v DC supply).


  • Radio Antenna
    The Base Station radio antenna connects to the Base Station via screw-on TNC connectors and must be placed in the highest available position in order to realise the maximum possible transmission range.

Front Panel Interface


  • Display
    Indicates the operating status of the Base Station.
  • RS232 Serial Interface
    Used for updating the operating firmware of the Base Station using a PC or porting to the GPS engine or radio modem for update of firmware or manual configuration changes.
  • Power
    A power input connector for charging the Base Station internal battery using the supplied mains adaptor.

These specifications refer to both, DGNSS DGPS Base Station (RLVBBS4) and DGNSS RTK Base Station (RLVBBS4RG).


  • Storage: -40°C to +50°C
  • Operating: 0°C to +45°C
  • Battery fast charge: 10°C to +50°C



95% Circle Error Probable (CEP)

  • RTCM 40cm Mode: <0.40m
  • Racelogic 20cm Mode: <0.20m
  • Racelogic 2cm Mode: <0.02m
  • CMR 2cm Mode: <0.02m


  • Battery life: Up to 18hr (depending on radios)
  • Input voltage range: 8-30 Volts
  • Input current operating and …
    charging @19V: 2.25 Amps
    not charging @19V: <0.5 Amps


Radio Modems

  • Frequency – Europe: 868 MHz
  • Frequency – All other countries: 915 MHz
  • Frequency – Satel: 430 MHz
  • Frequency – 2.4 GHz
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