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The Inter Robot Communication is a highly reliable long distance wireless data link between vehicles equipped with VEHICO robots. It is developed and adapted for the very specific requirements of vehicle testing. With its typical range in open environments of up to 3500m it is universally usable for the very most applications in ADAS testing with two or more vehicles.

IRC is a radio telemetry for test tracks, with low latencies and high reliability. With its power the Inter Robot Communication has enough capacity also for challenging environments.

Key Features of the Inter Robot Communication

  • data range in open environments up to 3500 m
  • selectable 2,4 GHz or/and 5 GHz band
  • concurrent dual band operation
  • high bandwidth of up to 450Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1.3 Gbps (5GHz)
  • licence-free frequencies
  • in accordance with the WiFi regulations for Europe, USA, Japan
  • capable of building a wireless mesh network topology with unlimited number of participants
  • low latencies, high reliability
  • robots in different vehicles can “talk” with eachother and can be synchronized online with trigger signals
  • sensor and robot signals can be shared online between the robots in different cars to synchronize the control modules

To use the Inter Robot Communication you simply connect an IRC controller to the robots in the car and fix the high-gain antenna to the roof. Besides the wireless communication the IRC Controller houses a multi port LAN switch for the ethernet based onboard communication and the key connector for the master handswitch for all robots. The IRC controller is operated by 12V.

The Inter Robot Communication is suitable for many kinds of ADAS testing where data has to be transferred between two or more moving vehicles or between moving vehicles and a stationary base station.

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