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Evaluation of vehicle performance has been made considerably easier since the advent of GPS data logging. Traditional methods which called for the use of a fifth wheel or optical sensor added considerable complexity and time to a typical day’s testing, but now VBOX equipment is employed to gather this information with a swiftness and ease that makes the job simple – whether it’s just a few 0-60 runs, or something more complicated.

Although we offer free analysis software for all VBOX systems, it may not even be necessary to make use of it as products such as the VBOX Mini output results on a screen; or live data can be viewed on a laptop or tablet PC. For those wishing to extract results in greater detail all data is logged to flash media for later analysis.

Vehicle and tyre manufacturers, tier one suppliers, tuners, aftermarket and fabrication companies use VBOX to assess the performance of their products.


All RACELOGIC data logging equipment is able to perform acceleration tests to determine 0-60, 0-100mph, ¼ mile, VMAX, G-forces data. Data is logged to a memory card and can be analysed with the free VBOX Test Suite software.

Test results are either displayed live on a PC, internal screen or additional display, depending on the product in use. You can get a 20 Hz VBOX data logger from less than $500.


VBOX equipment is used by a number of motoring publications and broadcast companies. A large proportion of new vehicles are put through their paces by journalists configuring them for increasingly detailed analysis within the pages they create. Straight line acceleration and braking, lap times, cornering g-forces, and many more parameters are easily measured and disseminated for their readership.

Television production companies making programmes where performance timing or speed measurement is a requirement (such Northone TV, who produce the motoring show “Fifth Gear” – and who also filmed the 2014 series “Speed” featuring motorcycle racer Guy Martin – for broadcast in the UK) turn to VBOX data loggers thanks to their ease of use and reliability.


Racelogic has a lot of experience in working with print and television media and we can advise you on the best and most efficient way to capture that all-important data, augmenting and enriching the final output.

  • Data logging at 5, 10, 20, or 100 samples per second
  • Live and logged results
  • Fitted and ready to use in minutes
  • Free data analysis software
  • Video integration

  • Speed
  • Acceleration / Braking
  • Heading
  • Distance
  • Drive lines
  • Lap times
  • Vehicle signals via CAN or analogue inputs



VBOX Test Suite is available as a free download for all VBOX customers. Its intuitive interface is accessible for all users from engineer to test driver, making the process of recording and analysing your test data as quick and easy as possible.

Application-specific plugins such as ‘Performance Test’ make the analysis of vehicle acceleration and deceleration test data quick and clear. The Performance Test plugin enables you to set your own start and finish conditions or choose from a range of pre-set regulation speed and distance parameters, making it easy to begin testing.

The software also uses context sensitive menus to make it easy for you to manage your data and can be used in either ‘Offline’ mode, for post-test analysis, or ‘Online’ mode so you can see your data in real-time.



VBOX 3i logs data at 100Hz. It features USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compact flash card logging and audio functionality for voice tagging, brake trigger input, CAN, analogue and digital interfaces.



10Hz GPS data logger with built-in GPS antenna, SD card logging and a back-lit LCD screen.


Video VBOX Pro

20Hz VBOX GPS data logger with up to 4 camera inputs



Performance Box / DriftBox

GPS based performance meters that allows you to measure G-forces, speed, lap & split times, 0-60, 0-100, braking distance and many more.


Video VBOX Lite

10Hz VBOX GPS data logger with up to two camera inputs

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