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Measure the perpendicular distance to the lane edge from four points on the vehicle at cm-level positional accuracy.

  • Capture LDW signals via CAN or digital/analogue inputs
  • Test to UN R79, ISO 17361 & NHTSA standards
  • Simultaneously measure up to four points in the test vehicle
  • Compatible with multiple lane types (straight or curved lane edges)
  • Synchronised data and time-stamped HD video

Lane Departure Warning Testing with VBOX

With real-time measurement and positional accuracy to within a cm, the VBOX testing system captures the data that automotive and sensor manufacturers require to verify the effectiveness of their Lane Departure Warning or Lane Keeping Assist system. At the core of the system is our flagship data logger, the VBOX 3i RTK, which can be connected to an RTK Base Station or NTRIP service for centimetre level position accuracy.

Highly Accuracy - Lane Departure Image

Highly Accurate

The VBOX 3i RTK data logger provides high accuracy speed, position and heading data, with a centimetre-level positional accuracy.

Camera Inputs - Lane Departure Image

Synchronised Video

You can use a VBOX video logger to simultaneously log and display the LDW / LKA test data alongside video and GPS data. A ruler generated graphical overlay can be aligned to real-world measurements to validate the accuracy using a visual reference.

Live Display - Lane Departure Image

Live Display

VBOX Test Suite installed on a Windows device within the test vehicle offers real-time display of all measured parameters including gauges that indicate whenever the audio or visual alert is on/off.

Signal - Lane Deprture Image

Warning signals via CAN or Digital/ Analogue inputs

The VBOX can capture lane departure warning signals directly from the vehicles’ own CAN system or via an AVAD3 audio & visual detector used alongside the VBOX.

4 Points - Lane Departure Image

Up to four points simultaneously

Lane departure mode allows you to measure the distance to line from four individual points on the vehicle.

Lane Icon Blue Wheel - Lane Departure Image

UN R79 Compliant

Easily conduct ACSF (Automatically Commanded Steering Function), Lane Keep function and Max. Lateral Acceleration tests, as per UN R79 regulations, using a VBOX ADAS testing system.

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