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Safety-related test drives where no driver is allowed to sit in the vehicle are constantly increasing. During the test one must ensure that even if any failures of test components occurs the vehicle can safely and quickly be transfered to a standstill. For such purposes VEHICO offers a failsafe emergency brake system, which steps the brake pedal triggered via radio link from outside the vehicle.

The VEHICO Emergency Brake System offers the following features

  • fail-safe operation of the brake pedal
    The emergency brake system enables a fail-safe operation of the vehicle brake pedal. By its own energy storage it is independent from the vehicle power system and even if the vehicle power fails the system brings the vehicle safely to a halt.
  • manual trigger with defined pedal force
    With the help of a hand switch a passenger can trigger at any time a manual brake actuation. The adjustable braking force even enables application of panic braking tests or emergency brake maneuvers.
  • braking by driver still possible
    The driver seat remains free even with installed emergency brake system. Therefore the test car can be driven normally, for example for transfer purposes. The manual control of the brake pedal is still possible.
  • auto diagnosis
    Das System besitzt umfangreiche Selbstdiagnosealgorithmen und überwacht sich während der gesamten Versuchslaufzeit selbst. Wird ein irregulärer Zustand festgestellt, wird dieser sofort weitergemeldet und ein Sicherheitsmanöver eingeleitet. The system has extensive auto diagnostic algorithms and is monitoring itself during the entire test period. If an irregular situation is determined, this is immediately reported and a security maneuver is initiated.
  • stand-alone system
    Aus Sicherheitsgründen wurde das System so entwickelt, dass es unabhängig von anderen im Fahrzeug verbauten Systemen betrieben werden kann. Es stellt eine optimale Ergänzung für Fahrzeuge mit eingebauten Fahrrobotern oder eigenen Fahrdynamiklösungen dar, um bei autonomen Fahrmanövern die Sicherheit des Gesamtsystems gewährleisten zu können. For security reasons the system was designed that it can be operated independently from other systems installed in the test vehicle. It is a perfect addition for vehicles with installed driving robots or proprietary driving dynamic controls in order to guarantee the safety of the entire system during autonomous vehicle testing.

Technical Data

power supply vehicle on-board power 11-15V DC
max. operation speed 150 cm/s
typ. operation force 800 N
typ. duration for brake pedal operation
250 ms
operation force 200 -1250 N
range of radio link 5 km



Range of Application

  • automated emergency braking or panic braking
  • unmanned or autonomous driving
  • fully automated vehicle testing (endurance testing, durability testing, rough road testing)
  • systems for the design and validation of driver assistance systems or pre-crash system
  • etc.
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