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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) being a system for safety needs dedicated ADAS Automotive Testing System. More vehicle manufacturers will integrate ADAS in their vehicles as it gains accuracy with development of technology and highway infrastructure to raise the comfort and safety level in automobiles.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Test Scenarios

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control
  • ISO 15622


  1. Blind Spot Detection
  • Positional accuracy ±2 cm
  • Parameter from up to 4 vehicles


  1. AEB & Collision Mitigation
  • ISO 15623 for Forward Vehicle Collision Warning Systems
  • NHTSA NCAP Forward Collision Warning System confirmation test
  • Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking


  1. Lane Departure Warning
  • ISO 17361 (EU REGULATION 351/2012)


  1. Robot Integration
  • Repeatable and accurate drive line
  • Programmable path definition


  1. Park Assist
  • Bay & Parallel Parking
  • Complex shapes
  • Approach Validation
  • Bollard objects
  • Kerb features
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Testing
  • Line marking detection


The core of the ADAS Automotive Testing System is Racelogic VBOX data logger and hardware and software peripherals. Real-time data display, logging and analysis is possible with supportive setups and dedicated Racelogic Testing Suite and plugins. ADAS Automotive Testing System from Racelogic is customisable and is adoptive to industry standard interfaces and I/O ports.


System Feature

  • Free Analysis Software
  • Multiple Target Capability
  • Open Road Testing
  • Video Integration
  • Warning Signals through Log CAN Data – ACC, AEB/FC, Lane Departure
  • Lane Change Test for ACSF compliant
  • Multiple Contact Points
  • Euro NCAP compliant logging rate and positional accuracy
  • Robot integration
  • Real-time data display for driver, logging, and analysis
  • Synchronise video with data
  • Vehicle Mapping – Up to 24 points around the vehicle body
  • Low latency
  • Easy to relocate VBOX setup



  • VBOX Test Suite
  • Dedicated AEB Test Software (Euro NCAP CCRs, CCRb and CCRm)
  • Dedicated Park Assist Plugin for VBOX Test Suite



  • Speed of target and subject vehicle (0.1 km/h RMS)
  • Separation time (0.05s)
  • Longitudinal separation (0.02m RMS)
  • Lateral separation (0.02m RMS)
  • Yaw rate for target and subject vehicle
  • Angle to target vehicle (0.1º RMS)
  • Lateral speed to line (0.1 km/h RMS)
  • Perpendicular distance to line (0.02 m)
  • Vehicle angle to line
  • Time to cross line
  • LDWS signal output
  • Positional and time-to-collision data from up to 3 moving targets and a lane simultaneously


Test Equipment

  • VBOX 3i RTK
  • Several Radio Pairs
  • DGNSS Base Station RTK
  • VBOX CAN Hub
  • Tripod for GPS Antenna
  • Survey Trolly (optional)
  • Video VBOX Pro (optional)
  • Preview Monitor (optional)
  • Camera Mounting Arm (optional)
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