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One of the most important tests in automobile is Vehicle Performance Test. Racelogic offers entire range of equipment and software to log, view and analyse data. Racelogic equipment and software adhere to the standards of automobile testing around the world.

List of tests

  1. Pass by Noise
  2. Coast Down
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Speed & Distance Verification

Above are typical set of tests for Vehicle Performance Test.



  • Sound Pressure Level (WOT, Steady Speed, ASEP)
  • Speed & RPM (Start, Microphone location, Test end)
  • Acceleration & Braking
  • Heading
  • Distance
  • Drive Lines
  • Calculated reference accelerations, power-to-mass ratio as stipulated
  • Pass/fail between test results and calculated values
  • Lap Times
  • Vehicle signals via CAN or analogue inputs


System Features

  • Simultaneous logging of data
  • Multiple test passes possible with one operative
  • Generates individual reports per style of test
  • Accurate distance measurement cuts multiple light-barrier trigger system
  • VBOX Test Suite software enables real-time and post viewing and analysing
  • Real-time recording of live weather data from Davis Vantage Pro 2
  • Compliance with ECE R41, R51 and R138
  • Software plugins compliant to WLTP GTR15, SAE J2263, ABNT NBR 10312.
  • IMU integration for precise data in noisy GPS conditions.
  • Highly customizable
  • Possibility of video integration


Test Equipment

  • VBOX 3i – 100 hz GPS Data Logger
  • VBOX Mini or Racelogic Performance Meter
  • VBOX IISX range
  • Speed Sensors
  • Video VBOX Pro or Video VBOX Lite
  • VBOX Test Suit
  • Telemetry Station Setup
  • Laser Light Barrier Kit
  • Mini Input Module


Software Plugins for VBOX Test Suite

VBOX Test Suite and Test Plugins adhere to regional automobile testing standards of the world for Vehicle Performance Test.

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